Why You Shouldn’t Skip The Flu Shot As You Get Older

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Because the flu is commonplace, many people don’t think of it as a serious disease. However, the flu can actually lead to many health problems that are much more serious. For older adults, getting the flu can be incredibly dangerous. That’s why it’s more important now than ever for seniors or adults over the age of 65 to keep up with their flu vaccines each year. The simple act of getting a flu shot can make a big difference in keeping you feeling healthy and happy. 

Reduced immunity

You naturally build up an immunity to certain diseases over time, but as you enter your twilight years, this immunity can actually wear off. This makes you more likely to contract the flu and develop other health conditions that are dangerous to adults. Getting a flu shot boosts your immunity to the flu by introducing the antibodies into your system. This gives you invaluable protection during the winter months, when the flu tends to get passed around. 

Increased risk

If you have any sort of respiratory condition, you are going to be more susceptible to the flu. Your condition could also worsen much more quickly than the average person if you were to catch it. If you have a lung condition like asthma, you should always make sure to get the flu shot every year, regardless of your age. Your doctor will likely recommend a checkup during this time of year as well to make sure you stay healthy. 

High-dose vaccines

In recent years, the medical community has released a high dose flu vaccine. This new version of the flu vaccine uses more antibodies, and therefore is more effective in preventing the flu. The risks of this version aren’t any higher than the risks of the lower dose, so it’s worth getting it you feel your risk of the flu is very high. 

If you are in need of medical care this flu season, look into clinical trials. You may be surprised by how many are available in your area and which ones you qualify for. Clinical studies are an easy way to get the treatment you need without the expensive price tag normally associated with medical care.

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