What is Celiac Disease?

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Celiac disease is a major health concern to those that suffer from it because the condition prevents the body from absorbing essential nutrients from food, which can lead to serious health problems, such as infertility, cancer, osteoporosis and malnutrition. 

What causes celiac disease?

This is a difficult question for any health expert to answer because there is no single cause. According to most clinical trials, there are many factors that can contribute to the development of the disease, such as genes, foods and the environment.

However, genetics has been identified to play the most prevalent role in the emergence of celiac disease. Patients with one of the two specific genes linked to celiac disease have a higher chance of developing it. 

In order for a person to suffer from the effects of celiac disease, they must be consuming gluten. Any gluten consumption will spur the immune system to attack and damage the small intestines, making them dysfunctional.

Besides eating gluten and the impact of genetics, there are also environmental factors that affect the development of the condition. Celiac disease studies have not yet achieved a conclusive identification of these environmental factors. For instance, a person can consume gluten on a daily basis for many decades without any issue, and then suddenly develop celiac disease symptoms that are very severe. In other cases, a young child may also exhibit celiac disease symptoms once they start consuming a gluten diet.

Health triggers

According to clinical studies done by Rapid Medical Research (https://www.rapidmedicalresearch.com/), celiac disease requires a health trigger in order for it to develop, such as stress or pregnancy. Some women experience celiac disease symptoms soon after giving birth. This has made it difficult to come up with a conclusive link between celiac disease and one specific cause. A recent study by clinical researchers has also identified the possibility of a link between celiac disease and reovirus. Reovirus is known to infect many people, especially infants.

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