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“Rapid Medical Research is a kind research company. I enjoyed working with them – they are very organized and responsive.” Barb, ICON

“The CPM just emailed me and asked if my sites would be willing to be the first sites ready for part 2…This is really a great compliment from the study team! Your site never has outstanding queries-you respond to me right away and really no “issues” at your site…Once again this shows you Team Ohio rocks!!!!!” Dana, Merck

“As always your site did an excellent job!…I can tell you your site had by far better numbers than any of the others so much appreciate your efforts. This was indeed hard to recruit across the board. Always a pleasure working with your group as well. Look forward to the next opportunity!” Kerri, Concentrics

“I want to thank you and Dr. Manning for your time this morning. You are a very diligent and well prepared research site; I anticipate no issues with site selection.” Will, PAREXEL International

“About 7 years ago, your research team participated in one or more of the milnacipran (Savella) clinical trials that led it its approval in 2009 for the management of fibromyalgia, and because of your excellent performance at that time, we are interested in working with you again on another fibromyalgia project…we are only approaching those sites with whom we have had prior experience and specifically those that provided excellent patient care and delivered high quality data during previous FM studies.”

“Thank you for being such a great site!  I appreciate everything organized, well documented and resolved prior to my leaving your site. : )” CRO Monitor: LH

“…I’d like to say this set of documents I received are the best I have ever received. Thank you so much for keeping immaculate documents. I know there are many logs and many pages and many tedious things to look at, but you all have done an amazing job! Way to go!” Geoffrey, PPD

“…I really appreciate the work you have done for the Protein Science protocol. You exceeded enrollment, and the data was entered in a very timely fashion. Your source documentation is very good, and I have been able to review all patients required per our monitoring plan.” Jackie, Icon

“I wanted to send a kudos to everyone I work with on your staff..as it is always a great experience visiting your site. Your site does a great job with their subject files and regulatory files. I know that sometimes sponsor requests and site processes do not always line up, so I truly appreciate that your staff is willing to work with me on finding the best solution in merging the two. You did not have an opportunity to meet Tracie…, so I wanted to make sure that I let you know that she shares my sentiments…impressed with the site documentation, loved the detailed progress notes, organization of files, and prompt resolution of questions.” Gennifer, PPD 

“Your team is awesome!!!!” Tonia, Quintiles

“Keep up the good work and appreciate the continued efforts!!!!” Alisa, Quintiles

“Thank you for your hard work on DEN 305, allowing us to meet the important milestone of enrolling all subjects required. Much appreciated!” PPD