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Rapid Medical Research, Inc. is an independent, dedicated research center experienced in Phase II-IV clinical trials. Since it’s origin in 1997, RMR has conducted trials expanding a variety of over 100 therapeutic areas. Rapid Medical Research, Inc. is conveniently located in Cleveland, Ohio, a metropolitan area of over 2.9 million. It is easily accessed via freeway from all areas of the city. With more than 6500 square-feet of dedicated research space and a patient database of over 25,000, we are able to efficiently and effectively conduct multiple concurrent studies for our pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs. All trials are performed in accordance with ICH and FDA guidelines, and in compliance with GCP. Learn more about our clinical capabilities in our Clinical Capabilities Page.

RMR utilizes full-time, leading Investigators, along with extensively trained and experienced clinical research coordinators to conduct trials with the utmost quality and care. As RMR has evolved over the years, our methods for study startup and recruitment have developed into an expedient and efficient process. Focusing on quick turn-around times for startup, and rapid enrollment of studies, RMR has become known for its ability to provide pharmaceutical sponsors and CRO’s the timeliness they desire, while maintaining a stringent quality of research and care.

Please take a look at our resources to see how we can benefit your current and upcoming projects. We look forward to working with you!

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