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Our Staff – Overview

Through years of experience, Rapid Medical Research has developed an integrated and comprehensive
approach to conducting clinical trials by combining in-house clinical and administrative resources. RMR
utilizes dedicated, leading Investigators, along with extensively trained and experienced clinical research
coordinators to conduct trials with the utmost quality and care. Our in-house recruitment team, which
draws from an extensive patient database, combined with separate regulatory and contract/budget
departments, enable us to rapidly start-up and enroll our trials.

Rapid Medical Research – Quality Care. Quality Research.

Clinical Research Staff

As RMR has evolved over the years, our methods for study startup and recruitment have developed
into an expedient and efficient process. Focusing on quick turn-around times for startup, and rapid
enrollment of studies, RMR has become known for its ability to provide pharmaceutical sponsors and
CRO’s the timeliness they desire, while maintaining a stringent quality of research and care. Our
dedicated recruitment department expertly recruits participants using a database of over 13,000
potential research subjects, in addition to media advertising and referrals.

Our experienced clinical team is dedicated to conducting quality research in a professional and caring
environment and strives on collecting quality data.

Lisa Hoagland, BSN, CCRC – Executive Director
Jennifer Gaston, BS, CCRC – Director of Clinical Operations
Research Coordinators – 7 Full Time
Research Assistants – 3 Full Time
Experienced Phlebotomist
Quality Assurance Specialist
Patient Recruiters – 3 Full Time
Regulatory Department – providing 3-day turnaround
Contracts & Finance Department
Senior Director of Business Development
Registered Dietician
Data Coordinator – 1 Full Time